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Celtic Carmelites

A Prayer Community of the Celtic Rite Old Catholic Church

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Original Innocence

Posted on October 23, 2012 at 9:16 AM
Throughout history, theologians have debated the extent of "Original Sin" on the soul of man. St. Augustine was the champion of total depravity and mainstream churches have held to some degree of original sin in their doctrines.
Adam and Eve disobeyed God and the world has never been the same. We toil, suffer death, strife, sickness, loneliness, and a disharmony with nature. Yet it was God Himself who clothed Adam and Eve. It was God Himself who spoke to Cain after the death of Abel and marked Cain so that he would not be killed.
God is a God of relationship. He loves us so much as to send Jesus, His only Son, to save us from ourselves and re-establish an "Abba-Father" relationship with us. He is simply in love with us.
My grandson is two months old. When I look in his eyes - when I look in the eyes of any baby - I see the wonder of God. I can't imagine God seeing any of us as totally depraved from birth. I understand the verse "Yet Jacob have I loved; but Esau I have hated" in Malachi 1:3 shows a partiality of God towards Jacob. But we can not use this verse to defend original sin. If Esau was cursed with original sin, was Jacob spared?
In the Celtic tradition, we see God as looking over His creation - and especially mankind - and saying, "It is very good." (Genesis 1:31).

Categories: Insights of the Heart

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